Some helpful details 

Before bringing your quilt top and backing to be quilted:

•  Be sure the quilt backing is a minimum of 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top. For example if your top is 48" by 60" then your backing must be a minimum of 56" by 68".
•  Square the corners on the top and back. Both parts should be perfect rectangles  so we can load your quilt squarely on the frame.

We'll help you choose

•  a stitch pattern from a catalog of patterns 
•  thread color - we typically match the top and bobbin threads. 
•  batting from four types we keep in stock including 100 % recycled plastic bottles, 80/20 Poly/Cotton blend,  100% cotton, or 100% wool.

Contoocook QuiltWorks typically trims the edges of the quilt back and batting to the edge of your quilt top. The trimmed edges are returned with the finished quilt. Please let us know if you prefer to do the final trimming.